Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blakelys Halloween Party at School

Blakely had a great Halloween party at school. She enjoyed games, crafts, dressing up and getting to trick or treat to the office at the church. She actually filled up her treat bucket full of candy. Of course Lilly was with me, because I helped with the party and she had a great time too.

Blakely and her class
Rachael and Blakely with their monster teeth
The Two Dorthy's-Lilly got so excited when she saw another girl that was Dorthy-I think she really thought it was her-she just keep staring and saying Dorthy, Dorthy.
The Kids made Monster Munch-It was Yummy!!
They Colored
and Lilly had to color too.
These two little fairies are inseparable at school.

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