Sunday, February 7, 2010

I got a Strike

We took the girls bowling on Saturday. It was their first time to go. They had such a fun time. Blakely would get so excited about knocking down the pins. Lilly would just yell “go, go, go” to the ball and would give you high fives. Daddy sat out and watched us because he still wasn't feeling all the great from his procedure last week. It was fun to do something different and get out of the house. Blakely has already asked to go back.

Our Little BowlersIMG_0691Lilly being sillyIMG_0702Excited about knocking down some pinsIMG_0689_edited-1Blakely and MommyIMG_0705Miss BowlerIMG_0690Watching the ballIMG_0687Blakely’s stance after she rolled down her ball-hands on hipsBlakely took this picture of usIMG_0697 She is a messIMG_0698Our final score after our first gameIMG_0701

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Olivia Grace said...

How much fun!Looks like the girls enjoyed it.