Sunday, May 16, 2010

Blakely’s Graduation

Miss Blakely graduated from preschool this year.  Actually she is going to preschool again next year because they changed the date to start Kindergarten  so she is missing it my 9 days.  We knew this going into this school year, but we went ahead and put her in the 4 year old class since she was 4.   We also thought about not letting her graduate this year and totally missing the program, but this girl knew all about graduation-they practiced a lot at school-so there was no way she would have missed it.  So we will have two years of preschool graduation.   There class performed two songs, quoted scripture and then sang a song as a school.  It was a really great program and all the kids did a wonderful job!  Blakely loved singing and dancing to all the songs.  I of course was a proud mommy.   I have a few videos that I will upload soon. 

Blakely has learned SO MUCH this year.   The 4 year old program at her preschool  is truly an academic program to prepare them for Kindergarten.  I know that she would be prepared to go to Kindergarten if she were to go this next school year, but I’m glad she is staying home with me one more year.   I hope this next school year she can learn to have more confidence in herself and that I will be ready for her to go.   I will tell you it has been hard explaining to her why she can’t go with the rest of the kids in her class.   It least we will have the summer to hopefully forget about  the word “Kindergarten.”

The Family Our Little Happy GraduateIMG_0961 Blakely and her proud little sister-I love that they are holding hands…they can be sweet to each other when they want to beIMG_0962 Her classIMG_0964 Blakely and Miss Rachel-They will MISS each other next year!!IMG_0965_edited-1 Jackson and Blakely-these two keeping being silly together and his mom and I were snapping pictures of them-we laughed because it looked like he was trying to give her a smooch…IMG_0966 Mrs. Sheena and her classIMG_0969 Brant and BlakelyIMG_0970 Performing IMG_0976 Blakely and Miss Sheena  giving her her diplomaIMG_0982Blakely took this picture of me and Miss Melissa(Rachel’s Mom)

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