Monday, May 31, 2010

Dance Recital Take 1-Dress Rehearsal

I took lots of pictures…so get ready for picture overload!!  Blakely had her first dance recital last week.  She has been asking for months every time I took her to dance practice -  is today my dance recital.  She was beyond thrilled to put on makeup and get on the stage!   Unfortunately Blakely came down with tonsillitis on Sunday-her first day of practice on the big stage.  She felt horrible, but they have very strict rules-if you don’t attend the two practices before the recital you can’t be in the recital.  So we gave her some ibuprofen (it works wonders) and headed to practice.  You honestly couldn't tell you was sick at all, besides the drooling (a lovely side effect of tonsillitis).   So on Monday morning we headed to the doctor and got antibiotics.  That afternoon we had dress rehearsal.  I really thought she wasn’t going to make it, but she took a long nap and started to feel a little better.  She was so excited about putting on make-up!  Lilly was still taking a nap when she was getting ready and she said, “oh mommy, Lilly is going to think I am so pretty when she wakes up, she is going to love it.”  What is so funny when Lilly woke up she saw Blakely and said, “so pretty.”   These pictures are from the dress rehearsal-you are not allowed to take any pictures at the actual recital of them on stage.  Blakely did such a wonderful job.  She really is good and knew all her dances.  Her teacher told me after the recital that she is so good and that she always does what they tell her and they only have to tell her once and she does it-can they come live with us…hahahaha.  I’m sure she will be taking dance for years to come.

IMG_5467_edited-1 copy Blakely Dance 2010 IMG_5420_edited-1IMG_5418_edited-1 IMG_5426IMG_5427_edited-1IMG_5429_edited-1IMG_5434_edited-1IMG_5441_edited-1IMG_5430_edited-1IMG_5425           IMG_5437_edited-1IMG_5463_edited-1IMG_5464_edited-1IMG_5444_edited-1IMG_5443

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