Sunday, August 15, 2010


We went to Branson a week ago and had the best time!  We went with my parents and all the grandkids.  It was a Grandparent-Grandkid trip, but I tagged along to help.  So my niece and nephews are all teenagers so there is quite a bit of age difference between them and the girls.  It doesn’t bother the girls at all and they love being with them.

All The Grandkids-Colby, Zach, Darby, Lilly and Blakely

Our first night we went to go see Noah the Musical-it was such a wonderful show and would highly recommend it to anyone that goes to Branson.  Blakely Loved it!  Lilly did too, but she was a little scared during some parts-she LOVED Noah and the animals!!

Darby and the girls in front of the Lion

   Zach, Darby, Blakely and Lilly – In front of the Ark


The next day we did a little shopping, went to eat lunch and then headed to Silver Dollar City.  This was at the Mel’s Diner for lunch.  Both girls had such a fun time listening to all the singers and then after they ate they decided it was time to dance.  These girls LOVE to dance!!


Both girls love all the rides-this was the first time for Lilly to ride anything and she loved it all-even the  kid roller coaster.  Blakely even rode her first big roller coaster with the big kids-mommy is not much of a thrill seeker.  I did ride fire in the hole(inside roller coaster) with her and she did NOT like it and told me she didn’t want to ride that again

All the kids minus Zach on the teapots-Colby almost made me sick from spinning us so much.  IMG_1314  While Blakely was riding the swings with the big kids I took Lilly over to the little kid rides.  She had fun riding all by herself!!IMG_1309 That night they had a street dance party and little Miss Blakely was all about it.  She was right on the front row trying to learn all the dances.  When they started dancing Miss Lilly joined along too-I hate that I didn’t get any pictures, but I didn’t have time to get my camera.

Silver Dollar City - Day 2

We got up early that morning to head to SDC, but it was actually raining.  I total change from the 100 degree weather we were dealing with the day before.  So we went to go eat breakfast and did a little more shopping until the rain stopped.  Today the girls were so excited because they were going to meet the Backyardigans.  So we got there and stood in line for the meet and greet. 

Blakely –waiting in line and super excited about the Backyardigans!

IMG_1317       Lilly can see them and is so excited she can barely contain herself.IMG_1319

   Both girls go in for the hug!

Sweet Lilly with Uniqua

Pablo, Tyrone and Uniqua and the girls – the girls guessed that Austin and Tasha were on vacation.

Blakely getting in one last hug

Waiting on the Magic Show


Me and the girls

At the Magic show-Blakely was chosen to be in the magic show.   She was so excited.  It was so funny because he asked her if she was married and she said, “not yet.”   Then he said do you have a boyfriend and she said, “yes, Brant.”-a little boy from her class.  She was so serious about all her answers.  He then asked her if she believed that she could fly and of course she said, “yes.”


Getting ready to float in the air- I could tell she was really not sure what was going on at this point .


You can’t really see her face, but she was a little freaked out.


Our little floater

IMG_1333 After her magic trick she got a magic rope and wand for being in the show-she was so proud!!


   Playing in the colored sand


IMG_1338 IMG_1341

Blakely needed a little help from Papaw


Lilly had to do it too.


Lilly and Papaw on the train ride


Grammy and Blakely on the train

IMG_1352 The girls loved the Bear in front of our cabin


Papaw, Grammy and all the Grandkids at the end of our trip

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