Sunday, August 22, 2010

First Time Skating

Our sweet friend Bella had a skating party a few weeks ago.  The girls had so much fun.  Blakely was so excited about going skating for the first time.  Well,  we put those skates on and even used the support handle helper and she had a rough time getting around.   Lilly even put some on, but daddy just held her up.  Thank goodness they had inflatable bouncers, a big jungle gym inside play area and these awesome little seat rollers.  I have to admit I put on some skates and gosh it has been a long time.  It seemed so easier when I was younger. hahaha

Don’t let this smile fool you-once she fell she really wasn’t all about it.IMG_1368Not sure about all this-it lasted about a minuteIMG_1376She would get out there and dance to all the musicIMG_1369 Blakely and RachelIMG_1372_edited-1 This is was so much more fun than skates IMG_1377 Lilly loved it too!IMG_1379  The sweet birthday girl and her sister JuliaIMG_1391 Aubrey, Rachel and BlakelyIMG_1392

Zooming around IMG_1400

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