Thursday, June 5, 2008

Past Weekend

Blakely and I went to Bella's dance recital Saturday and she had such a fun time-Daddy stayed home and watched Lilly. She didn't know what to think of all the little girls in their cute costumes. Blakely loved watching all the performers and did a fairly good job sitting and watching the show. Bella did such a good job. Blakely can't wait to take dance, but around here they won't let them take until they are around 3 1/2, so we will have to wait another year. Julia also had her second birthday party. Blakely and Lilly had a great time. Blakely LOVES birthday parties and will sing happy birthday all the time. Lilly was a really happy baby at the party and was a perfect little angel-her daddy snuck a few little bites of ice cream to her and she really enjoyed that. Happy Birthday Julia!!The pic of Julia and Blakely-can you imagine them in 13-14 years???-scary thought...

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