Saturday, June 7, 2008


Blakely aka: Miss Independent, likes to pose for pics. We had camera withdrawal since I've been out with one for a couple of weeks. Some funny stories I don't want to forget:Story 1:The other day she spread out a blanket and said this is my stage and begin to sing a song. After she was done she bowed and said "thank you, thank you." Maybe we have a performer on our hands. Story 2:I told Blakely we had to get ready to go to MDO and she said "OK, I get my purse." Then she found a bag of mine and put it over her shoulder the straps were long so she put it on diagonal-across her chest. Then she said "I have a guitar- Rock N Roll." I laughed so hard... Later that day she asked, "mom where is my rock n roll." -meaning her bag. It is very fun these day to see what her little mind comes up with.

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