Wednesday, June 25, 2008

First Trip to the Dentist

Blakely had such a fun time at the dentist yesterday. She did such a good job. The hygienist couldn't believe that Blakely allowed her to do all those things to her mouth. When we walked in she gave Blakely the air deal-not sure of the technical term- she held it in her mouth the whole time. When she was polishing her teeth, Blakely would move her tongue all around to try and feel what she was doing, we could not quit laughing. They said her teeth looked great!!! When we were leaving they let Blakely get some different things out of the toy box-they said to get as many as you want-in my mind I thought are you crazy. Well Miss Blakely decided that she was going to get presents for her cousins that she was going to see in the afternoon-she actually came up with that one all on her own. She was so proud of her gifts that she was going to give Darby, Colby and Zach. Her cousins were so proud of all their little key chains. Oh- I need to include that Blakely wouldn't let the male Dentist look in her mouth-she got really shy. Later on that afternoon Blakely asked if we could go back to the dentist. I guess it will be a positive place until they would have to do some work on her teeth.

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