Friday, January 15, 2010

Play Date

Blakely had her friend Rachel over after school yesterday.  They were so excited about getting to ride home together.  Of course we had to make our first stop at Sonic.  I secretly was craving a diet coke with vanilla…hahaha.  They had fun playing dress up, playing with the baby dolls, eating popcorn and making their own little mirror.  Little Miss Lilly tried to keep up with them…we did have a few melt downs from Lilly feeling left out, but overall she had fun with Rachel too.   We loved having Miss Rachel over and sure there will be many more play dates in the future.  Blakely and Rachel PlaydateLilly enjoying her popcorn-YUMMY!!IMG_0567_edited-1 Two Little PrincessesRachel and Blakely

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