Monday, July 5, 2010

Blakely Swim Lessons 2010

The week before last Blakely took private swim lessons from Miss Courtney.  She had such a fun time and learned so much.   She is a our little swim bug for sure.  By the end of the week she was jumping off and swimming to the other side all by herself and swimming down to the bottom to get dive sticks.  We went swimming last week and now she thinks she doesn’t have to wear floaties.  I still make her if I’m not right beside her or if she can’t touch.   She still was a little uncomfortable going down the slide without floaties, even when I was there to catch her.  Hopefully she will get better with being more confident by the end of the summer.  She sure didn’t have a problem jumping in the deep end without her floaties and swimming back to the side.   Next year Lilly will take lessons and I’m sure Blakely will want to take them again too.   Love you little swim bug!!IMG_1153 IMG_1148 IMG_1150 IMG_1152

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