Saturday, July 31, 2010

Magic Show and Train Ride

Several weeks ago I took the girls to the local park for a magic show and a train ride.  They had lots of fun!  Of course they were super excited to see Rachel and Aubrey there.  Blakely was really into the magic show-she LOVED it!!  Lilly was a little hesitant and stayed more in the back.  They both loved riding the little train.  As you can tell it was HOT!!!  Not sure what they were thinking about having a show at 3:00 in July, but hey whatever works. 

I love this picture of them two-pure laughter!! Aubrey, Rachel and BlakelyIMG_1253

Not sure what to thinkIMG_1254

Aubrey and LillyIMG_1257

                                                          Happy to be on the train

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