Monday, June 21, 2010

Chicken Festival

A week ago we went to the Tri State Chicken Festival-my husband works for a chicken company.  The girls had a fun time going around eating chicken, playing games, seeing dressed up chickens and mascots(besides Lilly-she is scared to death) and eating ice cream.  That night Daniel and I hired a baby sitter for the girls and went to go see Randy Travis-he was the entertainment for Saturday night.  We all had a great time! In the middle of  those two events we managed to go see a friend in the hospital and go to a birthday party-It was a crazy day!!

I only took a few pictures-no pictures of Lilly.  Like I said she is deathly scared of any person that is dressed up in some big furry outfit.  She literally screamed and ran away.

Blakely and Cowboy ChickenIMG_1113 Blakely and StrikerIMG_1112Daddy and Blakely on the Bull-not sure why it is so blurry IMG_1115 Randy Travis IMG_1118

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