Saturday, June 19, 2010

Swimming and More Swimming

After Memorial Day we have been swimming a lot.  We bought a season pass to the pool not to far from our house so needless to say the girls want to go everyday.  It is really nice with a gated kiddie pool, a bigger pool with two slides and a water/splash pad.  Our friends the Nutts go a lot too so the girls have fun with them.    Blakely is such a little swimmer.  She still needs a little more confidence in the deep end, but hopefully after swim lessons she will gain some.  Lilly has come a long way the past three weeks.  She was so scared for us to let her go in the water, but starting this week she swims around with her floaties!!! Yeah for her and mommy!!  These pictures were taken our first week going.

Blakely, Lilly, Julia and Bella IMG_1028LillyIMG_1026Blakely and JuliaIMG_1024

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