Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our Gymnast

Little Miss Lilly has been taking Mommy and Me gymnastics since January.  She has come along way.  She has learned a lot over the past several months.  It was also some great bonding time that we shared every Tuesday morning.  We are going to take a little break this summer, but hopefully start back this fall.  Here are some pictures from our last class.  IMG_5473IMG_5472IMG_5479_edited-1  IMG_5474_edited-1 IMG_5475 IMG_5476 That is Blakely in the big yellow bow behind her.   She participated a little in the last two classes.IMG_5477 This picture cracks me up.  She was always so scared to do the trapeze.  Every time Coach Mike got to this part of the rotation Lilly would start telling me, “I want to go home, I’m scared Mommy.”   She is obviously still scared, but did it to show her Daddy and Blakely.  What is so funny she loves the zip line that they have.IMG_5478_edited-1

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Anonymous said...

Lilly, We are proud of you and we love you. Grammy & Papaw