Friday, June 4, 2010

Dance Recital Night

Blakely loved every moment of her dance recital.  She loved that Grammy, Papaw, and Nana came to watch her. She was thrilled to show them all her moves.   I was sad I didn’t get any pictures of the grandparents with her-It was a bit crazy that night-trying to get seats, parking places, etc…Also Blakely wasn’t allowed to wear her costume out in the audience.  So next year I will be more prepared and get pictures of everyone.

Blakely’s Dance Class-Aren’t they all so cute!!IMG_5485_edited-1 Blakely and Taylor-She broke her arm the weekend before the recital :-(IMG_5486_edited-1 Blakely and MommyIMG_5487 Blakely(my little poser) and Julia-BackstageBlakely and Julia 2010 Blakely, Bella and Julia-Bella performed in the second half of the recital so we saw her back stage getting ready.  These girls have all been friends for a long time.IMG_5489

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Anonymous said...

Blakely, You were awesome at the dance recital. We are proud of you. love you, Grammy & Papaw